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Site and See Pty Ltd is dedicated to preventing injury and reducing damage to the complex underground networks that provide essential services to millions of Australians every day. All of our locating is completed in line with AS5488 and also follows DBYD's guidelines to safe digging, this means Plan, Prepare, Pothole, Protect and Proceed. With minimal overheads we can save the customer some extra money while maintaining the highest quality. Using the latest locating technology and Locator experience we have you covered.

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Electromagnetic frequency (EMF) locating is the most common and fastest form of underground utility location. It involves the use of a transmitter to induce a frequency into a target ( any conductive materials such as copper cables , Steel conduits / mains , trace wires , copper lead-ins etc.) and then by matching this frequency with a receiver, the target can be accurately traced in both linear location and depth.


Ground penetrating radar is used to locate non-conductive material such as Poly or Nylon gas lines, blue brute / PVC water mains, empty conduits, underground storage tanks and possible underground voids. It does this by inducing the ground with high frequency radio waves, yielding data with very high resolution in a short amount of time.


Traceable rod is ideal for shallow conduits that may be empty or have no conductive cables (fibre optic) or the conduit is not conductive in itself (PVC) . EMF locating is used to induce the conductive rod with a signal that can be traced. A sonde is placed on the end of the traceable rod for deeper conduits / pipes to get an accurate reading and firm location of the underground service.


Site and See Pty Ltd offer a full colour PDF report after completion of works. This will be drafted on top of a site photo, aerial image or supplied site plan. Illustrating all found services , depths of services , service dimensions / material and any service that cannot be located needs to be potholed for confirmation using a NDD ( non – destructive digging ) method like a Vacuum Excavation truck. See image below for example.


At Site and See we can conduct DYBD and deliver (onsite) comprehensive plans/maps to accurately locate assets.



Meet Patrick Popovic, a seasoned civil construction professional with over a decade of experience in the field. He brings expertise in Vacuum Excavation, Horizontal Directional Drilling and is certified as a service locator.Patrick's extensive knowledge and skills help him provide valuable insights and advice to clients, ensuring safe and efficient project execution. With his extensive network in the industry Patrick is confident in his ability to help clients complete projects with ease.


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